Announce お知らせ

Important announcement

Time Locker for Android is scheduled to be discontinued on the Google Play store.

(Scheduled for mid-July 2021)

The reason is as follows

- The types of Android devices continue to increase

- Google has made it mandatory to publish 64-bit apps

- TimeLocker is an old application that can no longer adapt to new devices and environments

If you already have Time Locker for Android, it won't disappear from your device.

- The iOS version will continue to be released.




- Androidデバイスの種類が増え続けている

- GooglePlayでは、2021/8/1を持って、32ビットアプリの公開を終了予定

- TimeLockerは, 新しいデバイスや環境に適応できなくなった


- iOS版は引き続き公開されます。